Barb Krantz Taylor, MA, LP

BarbBarb Krantz Taylor, MA, LP

Licensed Psychologist and Principal Consultant

Barb Krantz Taylor has a singular dedication to helping leaders understand and leverage their talents and realize their full potential. As a Licensed Psychologist and Master Coach, she provides quick and accurate insight into human behavior and the complexities involved in leading others and solving business challenges. Relying on her natural empathy and curiosity about what drives human behavior, Barb brings a levity and sensitivity to her work.

She partners with clients to fully engage employees, manage talent and develop executives and effective teams. Her insight into talent management, team development and employee engagement stems from years of professional experience in higher education, health care, small companies and the nonprofit sector.

She is certified in several personality, work style, 360 and cognitive assessments and helps people apply this information to build self, management and leadership mastery.

As a co-principal of The Bailey Group, Barb led development of the firm’s annual Employee Engagement Survey, a tool for organizations to address important issues known to impact employee productivity and satisfaction. She also supports new business development with her ability to translate an organization’s challenges and goals into identifiable service or training needs.

Barb holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Iowa State University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is adjunct faculty in the Human Resource Development department at the University of St. Thomas.

Barb and her husband are owned by their Australian Shepherds. One of her passions is dog sports, including agility and herding. Barb also enjoys the human sports of biking, backpacking and canoeing.