Barb Krantz Taylor, MA, LP

barb-web-tallBarb Krantz Taylor, MA, LP

Licensed Psychologist and Principal Consultant

Barb Krantz Taylor helps leaders slow down to speed up. She knows that, by sheer necessity, most high-performing leaders operate on one gear: frenetic. They might be able to get where they’re going without help, but too often, it is at the expense of something big: efficiency; the respect of their colleagues; work-life balance; mental health.

Barb blends business acumen with an extensive background in psychology to get to the root of human behavior and motivation in the workplace. She thrives on creating an environment in which senior leaders turn off auto-pilot, step back from the daily grind and become vulnerable and real and candid.

That’s when the magic happens. When Barb has facilitated that level of trust—which she does without fail—she can get to work partnering with a leader to eliminate impediments and get on the fast track to achieving their visions.

Barb is certified in several types of personality and leadership assessments and has been working with employees, managers and leaders for more than 30 years. She is also a Master Career Coach who started her career helping adults find meaning and purpose in the work they do. With Barb’s partnership, leaders do more than just speed up. They learn to distinguish between what’s important today and what’s important overall. They learn to balance tasks and relationships. They go from being burdened with significant challenges to feeling like they can lead their teams with clarity and confidence.

For a leader, that’s priceless. For Barb, it’s what keeps her coming to work every day.

In her spare time:

Barb and her husband are owned by their Australian Shepherds. She has a passion for dog sports, including agility and herding, and human sports such as biking, backpacking, and canoeing.