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The Power of Three for Business: Focus for CEOs

Would you refuse a $500,000 payday to give a one-hour speech because you were too busy? According to an article by Adrian Dayton that is exactly what Sir Richard Branson did. It seems that Sir Richard only focuses on three main priorities; speaking for a...

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Vigilance is the Price of Safety

As a Navy veteran, I have empathy for the crews of the U.S. Navy Western Pacific based ships that have experienced recent collisions and groundings. My experience, albeit from decades ago, has been echoed in the press and in private conversations I’ve had...

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Decisions, Decisions!

Decisions….Decisions…. I have been talking with many of my clients about decisions lately. Big, complex, uncertain, no-easy-answers decisions. The ones executives get to make about strategy, implementation, talent, and risk. Such decisions may be about...

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Why Do Business With The Bailey Group?

We recently interviewed several of our clients to get a better understanding of why they choose to work with us. At the risk of bragging a little, here’s what we learned: Trusted Advisors Many of our clients came to us through referrals from existing clients and cited...

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The Key to Acting Like a Business Owner

What does it mean for employees to act like business owners? If an employee acts like a business owner, is it a result of financial incentives, personality, or a combination of both? These questions came to mind while reading an article about Tony’s Diner in the...

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4 Winning Conditions to Realize Potential

I was recently invited to speak to a graduate class in the Organizational Development program at The University of St. Thomas. There were about 15 students who were either working in the Human Resources field or aspiring to. And not just anywhere in HR, but...

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The 7 Best Books on Leadership

The ice breaker question at my last Allied Executives Peer Group meeting was “What is the best business book you’ve read?” I was stymied. Not only have I been a business consultant for the past 13 years but prior to that, I was an avid reader of business books. This...

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If you have been keeping current on any business news, you’ve heard that Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, has finally resigned. Two weeks ago, he announced he was taking a “leave of absence” citing the recent death of his mother and the need to “grow as CEO” (duh!),...

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