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15 Jul

Five Signs You Could Be Leading Like a Jerk

Barb Krantz TaylorBy Barb Krantz Taylor

When we ask members of a team who THEY want as their leader, we hear a very consistent set of descriptors: someone who is trustworthy, authentic and respectful; listens to their point of view; truly values them as human beings; has good business savvy; and admits mistakes. Furthermore, they want a leader who allows them

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05 Jul

Eight Factors That Contribute to the Demise of CEOs

Martha CarlsonBy Martha Carlson

According to a study of CEO success conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2015, CEO turnover at the 2,500 largest companies in the world rose from 14.3 percent in 2014 to 16.6 percent in 2015—a record high for this particular study. The higher rate was driven by a combination of unusually strong mergers and acquisitions

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28 Jun

Women in Leadership Transforming Tech

Chris OlsenBy Chris Olsen

Nearly 60 percent of women contribute to the U.S. workforce and they account for more than half of all workers in management and professional occupations. Over the next decade women have the potential to add trillions of dollars to the growth of the global economy. Yet gender inequity continues to create significant hurdles for women in the

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30 May

Seven Principles for Managing People Issues When There’s No Playbook for Leadership

Martha CarlsonBy Martha Carlson

I recently read a Wall Street Journal leadership article on helping bosses decode the millennial workforce. Tony Kender, Oracle’s senior VP of human capital, relayed a situation where he granted an employee a three-month leave of absence to attend a friend’s snowboarding competition on the theory that it wouldn’t significantly affect his long-term value to the firm and would

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24 May

The Meta-Transformation Agenda Essential for Organizational Transformation (Part Two)

Leigh BaileyBy Leigh Bailey

The overall goal of organizational transformation, according to a recent Forbes article, is to “reinvent the organization and discover a new or revised business model based on a vision for the future.” Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations today face unprecedented challenges as a result of shifting demographics, talent shortages, globalization, technological advances and ferocious competition.

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