What Do Breathing and Leading Have in Common?

Vicki TurnquistBy Vicki Turnquist

breathing and leadingI am a choral singer, although not a formally trained singer. And like thousands of of other Minnesotans who live in the land of 10,000 choral singers, I love it. I decided to take voice lessons over the summer to build and keep my voice strength through the “off season.” Here’s what I’m learning:

  • I am breathing very well – filling my entire rib cage with breath
  • Good breathing is the foundation of a beautiful sound
  • I am not consistently connecting all that breath to my voice
  • As a result, my voice is missing the rich resonance and warmth all that wonderful breath could add to it

An Easy Fix

Sounds like an easy fix, right? Not as easy as it may seem. Making the connection between breath and voice requires an awareness of each musical phrase and anticipation of where the strength and breath support will be needed. It takes awareness of the shape you’re creating with your mouth and vocal cavity. It takes awareness of your posture and stance as well as the position of your head. It also takes a good vocal coach to help you build this awareness and apply it consistently.

Breathing and Leading

What does this have to do with you and how you lead your organization?

What do you do very well? What are your flat sides? Are you a gifted strategist but not so gifted in communicating your vision or creating a plan of execution? To be an effective leader, you must build your own self awareness of what additional strengths you need on your team to connect your foundational vision to the health of your organization.

Do you lead with an analytical approach? Who then connects the meaning of your findings to the creation of a perfect organizational structure or employee engagement plan? In other words, are you able to take the foundational skills you bring to your company and connect them to the whole? This is the most important role you play as a leader. You are the foundational breath that brings the strength and resonance to the performance of your team and organization as a whole.

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