Four Disciplines

The Bailey Group’s unique approach to CEO and executive team coaching is grounded in Four Disciplines:

Business Acumen: We deliver time-tested solutions informed by over 25 years of experience working with executives across a wide variety of industries. For every problem or challenge you encounter, we’ve seen it and helped someone overcome it.

Neuroscience: We use neuroscience and brain training to empower you and your team to make conscious, deliberate improvements in the way you think, act, react and interact. That translates to more effective leadership, better collaboration and a more cohesive organization, providing you with a competitive advantage.

Psychology: Our proven professional assessments and resources are firmly rooted in human psychology. We provide real, authentic strategies to identify recurring patterns of ineffective behaviors and address the underlying causes of these behaviors so that everyone on your team reaches their full potential.

Mindfulness: You will increase awareness of your internal experiences while facing external events. Translation: Perceive, process, evaluate and then act. When thoroughly integrated into your life, mindfulness facilitates clear, confident decision-making that is priceless to your business.