ACTIVATE Transformation

When the CEO and executive team are aligned on vision, strategy and culture, transformation begins to take hold and cascade through the organization—and yet it’s not uncommon for progress to stall at the next leadership level down. We ensure that doesn’t happen.

Our expert coaches collaborate with CEOs and their executive and senior leadership teams to ensure senior leaders have the skills and characteristics required to move strategic initiatives forward. Customized learning modules provide the tools to activate transformation throughout the organization.

What you gain:

  1. Multiple levels of leadership that are aligned with one another. We create and facilitate cohort-based coaching sessions that encourage transparency, address issues and support resolution. We ensure everyone is moving in the same direction as a cohesive unit.
  2. A highly skilled and emotional intelligent senior leadership team that is energized and ready to execute strategy. Sessions include interactive group learning modules designed to improve self-awareness and increase agility, versatility and adaptability. Coaches ensure participants make the connection between improving leadership and the success of the organization.
  3. An action plan to activate organizational transformation. Working together, teams determine how leadership styles must be adapted so everyone operates at their best when tackling strategic initiatives. Senior leaders walk away ready, willing and able to play their critical role in activating organizational transformation.

What we cover:

  • Review of organizational assessment outcomes and planning
  • Assessment and review of senior leadership skills and characteristics
  • Customized alignment sessions with executive and senior leadership teams
  • Customized senior leadership team coaching sessions/transformational leadership development

Our proven LEVERAGE™ process ensures the right leaders are in place and all barriers to success have been eliminated. The outcome: Organizational transformation is no longer stalled and fully cascades throughout the entire organization.
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