PRE-HIRE Assessment

Hiring decisions, particularly at the executive level, can make or break the success of your organization or team’s efforts. The interview process alone is not sufficient for success. The Bailey Group’s Pre-hire Assessment process is designed to pick up where interviewing leaves off, beginning with a clear picture of the ideal candidate and ending with objective insights and recommendations to support your ultimate hiring decision. 

What you gain:

  • A clear picture of the characteristics and attributes of the ideal candidate for the position to be filled
  • Objective insights as to how each candidate assessed compares to the ideal
  • Perspectives on specific strengths, potential blind spots, and how the candidate will respond to/perform under stress
  • Professional development recommendations for candidates who are selected


Our approach: 

Our professional psychologists conduct a rigorous assessment of each candidate for the position you wish to fill including the following steps:

  1. Clarify competencies and expectations for the position
  2. Administer objective assessments to identify personality characteristics, motivations and values, critical thinking, and occupational aptitudes
  3. Conduct an in-depth psychological interview of each candidate
  4. Summarize results and recommendations
  5. Debrief findings with hiring leader
  6. Debrief findings with candidate selected
  7. Develop onboarding and/or professional development plan for candidate selected


Our proven Pre-hire Assessment process picks up where interviewing leaves off to help you make a sound decision and support your newly hired leader in their success.