Podcast: Blue Plate Owners Stephanie Shimp and David Burley on Navigating Restaurant Industry Challenges

Leigh BaileyBy Leigh Bailey

stephanieshimpdavidburleyThe Bailey Group’s LEVERAGE Podcast features conversations with exceptional executives and entrepreneurs who possess the ability to successfully lead the transformation of companies and culture. In this episode, Leigh Bailey talks with Stephanie Shimp and David Burley, owners of Blue Plate Restaurant Company.

According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant sales are expected to hit a record high of $709 billion in 2015. Additionally, the food services industry is the second largest private sector employer with a workforce of 14 million. But the industry is not without its challenges. Minnesota is projected to be among the nation’s lowest for sales growth and restaurateurs across the state are experiencing a shortage of workers.

In this podcast, Shimp and Burley discuss their successful business model and how they have been able to keep their restaurants relevant amidst industry challenges and constant change.