Podcast: Clockwork Active Media CEO and Founder Nancy Lyons on Creating a Values-Based Culture

Martha CarlsonBy Martha Carlson

nancylyonsThe Bailey Group’s LEVERAGE Podcast features conversations with exceptional executives and entrepreneurs who possess the ability to successfully lead the transformation of companies and culture. In this episode, Martha Carlson talks with Nancy Lyons, founder and CEO of Clockwork Active Media.

Lyons has earned her stripes as an authority on workplace culture and Clockwork has the awards to prove it. The company has been the recipient of dozens of local and national honors, including numerous “Best Place to Work” awards as voted by employees. Today, Lyons devotes time to educating other businesses on the importance of creating work environments that not only attract top talent, but help retain them.

In this podcast, Lyons shares her insights on workplace culture and what makes Clockwork so unique.