Podcast: Raj Shah on Carl Pohlad’s Influence, Leadership and the Launch of MyMeds

The Bailey GroupBy The Bailey Group

rajivrshah2015The Bailey Group’s LEVERAGE Podcast features conversations with exceptional executives and entrepreneurs who possess the ability to successfully lead the transformation of companies and culture. In this episode, Michael Kithcart talks with MyMeds CEO Dr. Rajiv Shah.

Shah knew at a young age that he would pursue a formal education in medicine and he was also very interested in banking. When he was just 13 years old, Shah contacted Minnesota money mogul Carl Pohlad to ask if he would teach him about banking. Less than a decade later, with an investment from Pohlad, Shah launched his first venture—Athletes Committed to Educational Success (ACES). He went on to become a successful physician and in 2003 rolled out his company MyMeds to address what he saw as an increasing need for patients to be more actively involved in their own health care.

In this podcast, Shah shares his thoughts on what drives successful leaders and the future of health care.