Podcast: The Nerdery’s CEO Mike Derheim on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Technology

Leigh BaileyBy Leigh Bailey

mikederheim2015The Bailey Group’s LEVERAGE Podcast features conversations with exceptional executives and entrepreneurs who possess the ability to successfully lead the transformation of companies and culture. In this episode, Leigh Bailey talks with The Nerdery‘s CEO Mike Derheim.

Derheim caught the entrepreneurship bug when he was in high school. As he watched his older brother create and grow a successful business, the idea of controlling his own destiny appealed to Mike. As a teen, his first venture was selling and installing car audio equipment. Next he started a software development company, and a few years later, Sierra Bravo Corporation—now The Nerdery—was launched. The custom software development firm has experienced exponential growth, yet Mike remains grounded in the values that were established when The Nerdery was still a startup.

In this podcast, Derheim shares what he finds appealing about being his own boss, his views on leadership and how he thinks technology will impact leaders 10 years from now.