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17 Oct

Lessons Learned From "Doom And Boom"

Leigh BaileyBy Leigh BaileyLeigh Bailey, , , , , , , , , ,

“May you live in interesting times,” sometimes referred to as the Chinese curse, is reputed to be the English translation of the ancient Chinese proverb, “It’s better to be a dog in a peaceful time than be a man in a chaotic period”. During these uncertain economic times, when optimism and pessimism change by the

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01 Jul

Employees Are Looking For More

The Bailey GroupBy The Bailey GroupThe Bailey Group, , , , , , , ,

In today’s economy, we might be tempted to think that employees are simply happy to have a job.  Don’t fall into the temptation!  The reality is that a mere pay-check is simply not enough to keep employees motivated to do the job. When employees enjoy the work they do, they want to do more of

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23 Jun

Rejuvenating a tired team

Barb Krantz TaylorBy Barb Krantz TaylorBarb Krantz Taylor, , , , , , ,

You and your team have been through a lot lately.  You’ve survived a round of layoffs, you have all been working hard, meeting your goals, and getting along with each other.  Considering the stories you’ve been hearing from other leaders, you consider yourself lucky. But, as thankful as you are, you notice the enthusiasm for

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02 Dec

Managing Fear: Yours and Others

Leigh BaileyBy Leigh BaileyLeigh Bailey, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Managing fear. Our own and others. This is a topic that is showing up a lot in my coaching these days. Leaders are taught that they are supposed to be strong, confident and resilient. An article in the November 30, 2008 New York Times about Barack Obama highlighted this expectation with its title: “Don’t Let

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18 Nov

Building up a tolerance for ambiguity and greater resiliency

Martha CarlsonBy Martha CarlsonMartha Carlson, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I’ve all but quit looking at the financial news these days, finding it just as frightening when the market has a 500+ point up-swing as it is when stocks take a dive.  There are no answers right now nor is there any certainty, other than the fact that a multitude of people much brainier than

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