Leaders as Human

As humans, we may never become totally skilled and talented in everything leaders need to do and be. Accepting this in yourself and others demonstrates the courage, resilience, and humility required to be an effective leader.

Will coaching help?

When everything you’ve tried to help someone change isn’t working, leaders often call us to see how we can help. Here are some questions to prepare for as we work through possible solutions.

Can people change?

Are leaders born or made? The answer is yes. Everyone has some inborn traits helpful to leadership roles. Some are born with A LOT of them. Others, not so much. But, no leader is perfect and growth and development still occurs.

Wait a minute, I thought that was YOUR job?

Unspoken assumptions are often at the root of miscommunication between leaders and their direct reports. Misaligned mindsets are also at the root of confusion about who should be doing what and when. This blog provides an example that will guide you to be able to surface the unspoken assumptions and clear up misalignment.