Airline Pilot or Fighter Pilot?

Most CEOs and leadership teams are not prepared to lead successful transformations. Like an airline pilot, who is trained for safety and consistency, business leaders are experienced at leading in stable environments. Organization transformation requires the skills of a fighter pilot – a leader who can make quick decisions, manage risk and innovate in the moment.

Leadership Matters

Great leaders combine competence and character to rise and meet seemingly insurmountable challenges. Competencies can be taught. Character, on the other hand, must be developed.

Healthy Team Dynamics Drive Transformation

In organizations that succeed, executives spend more than 50% of their time leading transformation by setting goals, aligning the organization and motivating employees. But too many executive teams are unaware of and not employing tools for maximizing their decision-making effectiveness.

When Better Is Not Good Enough

I recently listened to a rebroadcast of a speech Lyndon Johnson gave to a joint session of congress when he proposed the voting rights act. The gist of his speech was that while things had gotten better for African Americans, they were still not good enough when it...

Cultivating Courage

Learning to act with courage and boldness requires cultivating personal discipline. Specifically, it requires learning to act decisively even when you are feeling fear and uncertainty.