Committing to a Long-Term Mindset

If a leader is willing to make a long-term commitment to her development, the combination of leadership and coaching can present a unique opportunity for self-actualizing.

Should I Tear Down my Shed?

Leaders and employees of good conscience are engaged in a healthy tension in trying to discern the path forward in addressing DEI concerns.

Why Do You Lead?

A leader will never make the unique impact they are capable of without having answered these questions: Why do you lead? Why do you want to be a leader? What is the unique impact you want to make on your employees, organization, and society?

What Every CEO Needs to Know About Team Development

The Bailey Group’s Executive Team Alignment work is based on research and practice-validated models. We understand that to develop, teams need to focus both on getting the right things done (task focus) and on creating an atmosphere of “psychological safety” (healthy relationship focus).