Team Development in “The Real World”

Teams that are stuck in storming experience similar “symptoms” including strained interpersonal relationships, recurring conflicts, and difficulty making decisions that “stick”. Team leaders often diagnose these problems as a “lack of trust”. Unfortunately, while there may be an element of truth in this diagnosis, focusing on trust usually won’t solve the problem.

What Defines a Healthy and Effective Leader?

Based on the combination of our experience and the most up to date research, The Bailey Group has identified a list of personality traits and characteristics that define a healthy, effective and successful leader.

Your Personal 2021 Leadership Development Plan

The Bailey Group’s Executive Coaching model is based on the premise that growing as a leader requires growing in self-awareness and “seeing” your habits of behavior. Importantly, it also requires a willingness to experiment with new and more constructive beliefs and behaviors, even if it is uncomfortable or even scary.

Committing to a Long-Term Mindset

If a leader is willing to make a long-term commitment to her development, the combination of leadership and coaching can present a unique opportunity for self-actualizing.