No Leader Is An Island

Inspiring insights for today’s leaders can be derived from John Donne’s 17th century poem “No Man Is An Island”, including creating a strong sense of teamwork, feeling connected, remaining relevant and recognizing the value of self-evaluation.

Give That Stress A Rest

As leaders, it is often difficult to gauge the weight of our own stress. The longer we hang onto our stress, the heavier it becomes. Put the stress down, get support, and when you are refreshed, carry on.

Succession Planning – A Dream or a Nightmare?

I found the Harvard Business Review article “A CEO’s Personality Can Undermine Succession Planning” an interesting read, and it raised a question for me: How can the issues described by the authors (having no succession plan or successor, going through the motions of...

The Power of Three for Business: Focus for CEOs

Would you refuse a $500,000 payday to give a one-hour speech because you were too busy? According to an article by Adrian Dayton that is exactly what Sir Richard Branson did. It seems that Sir Richard only focuses on three main priorities; speaking for a fee is not...