The best leaders focus on how to lead each of their employees

As a leader, it is important to understand each person on your team. This includes what motivates them, how they want to be recognized, what type of emotion (I.e. empathy, anger, encouragement, passion) they respond to better and what will shut them down. This helps you get the best of your team in their work. When they are at their best, results increase.

Connect with others to make the world a better place

In a pandemic, anxiety abounds but we can help douse the fire instead of adding fuel to it by using some key coaching skills: listening deeply without judgment, using curiosity, applying positive unconditional regard for others, and acknowledging others in an empathetic manner.

Look in the Mirror

As leaders, when we are not continuously monitoring our behavior, we miss the bad form that results from this lack of self-monitoring. Make sure to look into that mirror at the end of every day and ask yourself, “What was my impact on my team today?”

Is This Sprint Sustainable?

Many leaders say they feel working remotely has gone well, and that productivity is high. But a recent study showed that two-thirds of respondents are operating at the pace of a run or a sprint. Is the pace of work sustainable?