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When Better Is Not Good Enough

I recently listened to a rebroadcast of a speech Lyndon Johnson gave to a joint session of congress when he proposed the voting rights act. The gist of his speech was that while things had gotten better for African Americans, they were still not good enough when it...

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Cultivating Courage

Learning to act with courage and boldness requires cultivating personal discipline. Specifically, it requires learning to act decisively even when you are feeling fear and uncertainty.

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Popular or Effective. Pick One.

Having to make the choice between being popular and being effective is one reason why so many leaders are slow to make necessary changes to their leadership teams, even when the need is obvious.

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Who Makes the Best CEO?

What makes a great CEO? Determining who will make the best leader among your final candidates requires answering complex questions about what your organization truly needs right now, and avoiding the temptation to let personal biases influence the decision.

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No Leader Is An Island

Inspiring insights for today’s leaders can be derived from John Donne’s 17th century poem “No Man Is An Island”, including creating a strong sense of teamwork, feeling connected, remaining relevant and recognizing the value of self-evaluation.

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Letting Go of the Status Quo

CEOs are often frustrated by their executive team’s lack of leadership ability and/or their capacity to take on new assignments. The solution often requires both bold decision making and taking action.

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