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The Good Side of Politics

The United States of America recently elected its 45th president through a longstanding political process. As you well know, the political process is often fraught with issues and challenges (to put it lightly), giving politics a bad rap. Before you get your knickers...

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Leaning In, Even in Retirement

The Bailey Group is a partner with Minnesota Public Radio for Conversations on the Creative Economy—a series of discussions with Chris Farrell and local business founders and chief executive officers that explore how they encourage creativity and innovation in their...

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CEOs: Are You Under-Leading Your Organization?

Why were you chosen as CEO for your organization? Where can you uniquely lead your organization that no other CEO can? If you can’t answer these questions, you are almost certainly under-leading your company. CEOs are chosen by their boards for a reason. There is...

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Accountability Is Not a Four-Letter Word

One of the topics at a recent onboarding session for some of our CEO advisors was the types of problems CEOs face and how we work with them to solve them. As we were talking, I was reminded that a significant aspect of a CEO advisory engagement (or any executive...

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