Board Evaluation &

Ensure the ability to propel the organization forward.

Is Your Board Living Up to Expectations?

It’s a crucial question that demands an honest answer. Gone are the days when a corporate board had the luxury of being a hangout for the well-connected or semi-retired. Today, it must provide sound direction to executive leaders, setting the stage for organizational success in our highly competitive and disruptive business climate.


  • Clarity around the roles of the CEO, board chair, and board
  • Greater accountability and ability to fulfill roles more efficiently and effectively
  • Alignment and commitment to corporate strategy, policies, and procedures
  • Robust, effective dialogue between and among the board and CEO
  • Better corporate governance
  • Increased trust among all players

Our Approach

  • Identify what’s working and what’s not
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Provide recommendations that address specific concerns regarding board governance, workflow, information flow, and decision making
  • Partner with the board to create a roadmap that ensures effective dialogue continues

When Better Is Not Good Enough

I recently listened to a rebroadcast of a speech Lyndon Johnson gave to a joint session of congress when he proposed the voting rights act. The gist of his speech was that while things had gotten better for African Americans, they were still not good enough when it...

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The experience of your board members is an asset.

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