Success Story

The Challenge:

Constellation-MMIC Group provides physicians, clinics and hospitals in the Upper Midwest with medical professional liability insurance, including risk management services that promote safety and minimize liability. The firm has grown since 1980 from its headquarters in Minneapolis to offices throughout the Midwest and Canada

Constellation-MMIC Group management sensed a disconnect between the initiatives it was setting forth and the ability of the rest of the organization to understand and implement. They engaged The Bailey Group to help develop a more engaged and effective leadership team with greater self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.

Healthcare Risk Management

The Solution:

TBG Executive Coach and licensed psychologist Barb Krantz Taylor facilitated senior management assessments to help leaders understand their strengths, which created clear awareness that senior leaders did not see themselves as responsible for the overall vision of the organization. Rather, they were operating from more managerial standpoint.

Additionally, individualized coaching programs were developed for the CEO and senior leaders to help more people begin to take ownership and initiative for Constellation (MMIC Group’s) future.

Pain Points:
• Inconsistent and ineffective leadership communication
• Informal senior management development

The Results:

Constellation-MMIC Group’s senior management has gained awareness of the communication stumbling blocks that may have led to the disconnect with each other and among staff. They have also developed new communication methods that encourage contribution and feedback, leading to improved productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Building upon this success, TBG is now supporting Constellation-MMIC Group with a cohesive vision and culture for senior management, and board governance training to help leaders communicate a consistent vision to the board. Within one year, Constellation-MMIC Group has effectively leveraged TBG’s full complement of results-based strategies to build a high-performance organization.

“Working with The Bailey Group has created great opportunities to unify senior management and staff. Customer service is a major focus for The Bailey Group and they are clearly attentive to customer needs. Sometimes we think we need XYZ, but they will say, ‘Have you thought about this?’ They really focus on what’s best for the customer, not just what’s best for them.”

— Bill McDonough, CEO and President of MMIC Group and MMIC Health IT

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