A letter from our CEO.

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented challenge. The global coronavirus pandemic has, in a few short weeks, affected our families, businesses, communities and daily lives. During this time, I wanted to reach out to update all of you on how we are approaching the situation at The Bailey Group.

First, we extend our sympathies to everyone who’s loved ones have been impacted by the virus. We are aware of clients who have lost loved ones and our hearts go out to you. We also want to offer our gratitude to the physicians and other healthcare workers whose jobs require that they risk their lives to care for those in need.

Second, we have taken steps to protect the safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients and colleagues. All our employees are working from home, and we are continuing to serve our clients through digital channels such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Third, even as we adapt to new ways of working, our commitment to being fully invested partners in your success remains unwavering. Every day, our experienced cadre of coaches and current and former CEOs help clients to:

  • Create effective strategies for communicating with employees in ways that create maximum certainty and help to calm anxiety
  • Get refocused on the work that needs to get done
  • Find creative solutions to new challenges
  • Make difficult decisions
  • Sleep better at night
  • Reduce/avoid unforeseen risk
  • Feel supported and less alone during these challenging times

Our goal is to provide service to our clients on a daily basis that they simply can’t and won’t do without. To achieve this goal, we are creating new, flexible and innovative ways to be of service to clients, including:

  • Experimenting with providing open forums where CEOs, ELT Members, Directors and HR leaders from different organizations can come together to seek solutions to common issues
  • Facilitating virtual offsites, team and 1:1 meetings to help clients work through complex and emerging issues
  • Offering shorter term “just in time” coaching engagements at flexible times to meet our client’s urgent needs
  • Leadership, mental health and parenting tips (with a dash of humor) to help clients cope creatively with the diverse challenges they are facing at work and home

If you have ideas for how we can assist you and your team, we would love to hear from you. Meanwhile, we invite you to click here to sign up for newsletter and check out our weekly blog.

Our team is dedicated to supporting all of you through this unprecedented time. Please stay safe and take good care of yourself and your loved ones!

Leigh Bailey, Founder and CEO

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