Executive Team Development

Get your team moving in the right direction.

Harness the Power of Your Leadership Team

When it comes to building effective leadership teams, instinct alone isn’t enough. You need to understand the science of team development and the changing role leaders play in developing and maintaining team effectiveness.

We’ll work with you and your team to provide the insights and tools needed to build a team that’s engaged, effective, and enjoys their work.


  • A team aligned around a core purpose and the corresponding measures of success
  • Enhanced ability to use differences as a catalyst for commitment and innovation
  • Better, faster decisions that stick
  • Stronger commitment to executing team decisions and achieving results
  • Greater sense of trust and respect among all team members

Our Approach

  • Assess individual team members and the team as a whole to uncover strengths and barriers to success
  • Design and facilitate customized coaching sessions and offsites that focus on real issues and team development
  • Attend meetings to assess and help improve dialogue, decision making, and conflict management in “real time”
  • Work with the team lead to cultivate a strong and empowering leadership style

Harness the power of your leadership team.

Let The Bailey Group help you. Our coaches and consultants can provide you with the certainty you need as you lead your organization’s transformation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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