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At The Bailey Group, we have built our firm’s reputation on our ability to solve the most vexing issues facing business leaders and organizations, including:

  • Resolving conflict among team members
  • Eliminating inefficiencies such as unproductive meetings and misaligned executive teams
  • Overcoming the roadblocks that impede business transformation

What Ignition Can Do For Your Organization

Our Ignition program provides CEOs and leadership teams the opportunity to experience our services – including an in-depth assessment of the executive team and a development plan for solving their challenges – without creating a burden on the bottom line. Ignition provides the full combination of services necessary to diagnose and resolve the issues your team is facing. Services include: 

• Online team functionality assessments to assess your team’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities while maintaining confidentiality

• Individual interviews with the CEO/team leader and each team member to confirm and flesh out the survey’s findings

• Summary report of assessment outcomes and recommendations tailored to your team’s goals

• Up to 6 hours of consultation with the CEO/team leader throughout the process

The Benefits of Ignition

• Identify your team’s existing strengths and opportunities for development
• Create a practical roadmap for developing an effective leadership team
• Obtain actionable recommendations for unlocking your team’s true potential

Are You a CEO Leading Like a COO?

To lead like a CEO means to hold the team and individual ELT members accountable for goals and deadlines and to be relentless in making changes in leadership when necessary. This is not easy, but the end result is a high-functioning ELT.

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Get the Tools You Need to Ignite Your Team’s Transformation

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