“Oh, the places you’ll go”—Dr. Seuss

Imagine that you had the best team ever. And by “best”, I mean a team aligned around purpose, goals, roles and norms.  A team with the right talent, who work collaboratively and cohesively, trusting one another.  Here’s where you could go with that kind of team.

  • You could go to your Board, reporting on the success of your strategic plan. The best teams get results, more efficiently, effectively and with less drama and pain.
  • You could go to less meetings, because your direct reports would be attending them for you. Not because they were representing you but because they were fully capable of leading that function/project without your help.
  • You could go to team meetings knowing they would be a valuable use of your time—and your team’s. Time spent would be on critical issues big enough that they required the strategic thinking and experience that ONLY you and your team can provide.
  • You could go to HR partners less often to vent or get advice about people issues. You would have the right talent, who could lead, engage and manage their talent effectively.  There would be fewer performance issues that you or your direct reports would have to deal with.
  • You could go to sleep at night knowing that projects are managed, quality is assured, and deadlines are met.
  • You could go to 1-1’s with your team members and have time to talk about their leadership aspirations and how they can continue to grow, instead of just solving problems.
  • You could go on periodic “walk-abouts” throughout the organization, having time to connect with more employees, gaining trust, and inspiring their engagement.
  • You could go to Talent Reviews, without hours of preparation, trying to figure out what to say. You would already know who your high potential talent is, what strengths they have and where they can grow.  You will be able to demonstrate your ability to grow the pipeline of leaders who can fill surprise and planned vacancies.
  • You could go on vacation, knowing that all will be handled just fine in your absence, even if something blows up.
  • You could go on to bigger and better roles in your organization because you’d have a successor ready to take your place.

If this is not where you currently “go” when you go to work, then we can talk!  The Bailey Group can help you identify where you team is now and where it can go!  Send us an email to start that conversation.

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

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