futureofbusinessThe Bailey Group recently launched a plan to accelerate our growth in providing CEO advisory and other services. As I write this, I am deep in the throes of onboarding four new team members and have been thinking a great deal about how to describe the work we do and how it affects our clients. It comes down to partnering with CEOs to anticipate the impact of future changes in the market and industry that will necessitate transformation, as well as helping them identify and address the issues and obstacles that may impede the progress of business transformation.

In other words—we help CEOs anticipate and prepare for the future.

Think your business is prepared for the future? Sit down with a large cup of coffee and contemplate the following:

  1. What market changes and challenges do you anticipate or currently face in your industry? How do these changes and challenges affect your vision for the future? What actions must you and your organization take to stay ahead of the curve and realize your envisioned future?
  2. How will you enroll your executive team in your vision for the future? How will they enroll their teams? How must you engage your board members to support your vision?
  3. What are the three to five strategies or initiatives that will lead to realization of your vision? Who needs to own each one? How well equipped are they to carry it out? What obstacles and challenges will they face?
  4. How is the financial health of your enterprise? What is needed to “fund the journey” to realize your vision? Where will it come from?
  5. How will you measure success in the future? What are the key metrics that you will use to ascertain the health of your enterprise? What must be in place to get at these metrics?
  6. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 = herd of cats and 10 = well-oiled machine), how well does your executive team function? How do you want them to function? What needs to change to close the gap?
  7. Who is the strongest performer on your team? Is that person a flight risk? What are you doing to continue to engage and develop him or her?
  8. Who on your team has the most potential to be your successor in the future? Is that person a flight risk? What are you doing to engage and develop him or her?
  9. Who is the weakest performer on your team? Is it time for that person to move on? If not, what expectations have you set for his or her development and how are you supporting it?
  10. What are two things on your plate right now that you need to delegate to someone else to free up time to focus on your future vision? Who can you delegate them to?

Chances are good that one or more of these questions has caused you some consternation—call us when you are ready to alleviate it. Coffee’s on us.

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

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