It’s the job of the C-suite to lead rather than do, but Gartner estimated that 74% of executives don’t feel prepared for the challenges they face in senior leadership roles.

When your leaders are more focused on their prior management responsibilities than the strategic decision making their new position requires, they can feel overwhelmed, which leads to declining productivity. In turn, employee morale can decline and organizational growth can stagnate.

LevelUP is a new personalized coaching experience that can help lift your leaders out of the weeds and provide them with a clear path forward to fully embrace their roles and achieve business results.

When does your executive leadership need to LevelUP?

Understanding when an executive needs to LevelUP™ can be extremely difficult. After all, they worked hard to reach the C-suite and are clearly qualified for the position. Here are a few telltale signs that your leaders may be underperforming, according to The Business Journal: 

  • They are focused more on “doing” rather than building and leading a team. Remember, an executive should be committed to long-term organizational development, not daily processes.
  • They attempt to have all the answers and solve everyone’s problems. An effective leader knows how to delegate and utilize the knowledge and skills of their team to maximize contributions. They shouldn’t feel like they need to be the smartest in the room.
  • They are all talk and no action. While it’s important to compellingly communicate vision and goals to a team, a leader must also be diligent about acting on their words.
  • They lack direction, vision and mission. Without these, it’s difficult for a leader to inspire their team and make decisions for the organization with confidence.

LevelUP™ is not only ideal for leaders who are new to their roles and need to adapt to these responsibilities, but also for experienced executives who need to be invigorated. There’s a natural mourning period and feelings of ambiguity as an executive sheds the tasks associated with a prior position they may have enjoyed. If they do not have time to properly work through these emotions and learn how to fully embrace what is needed of them as a leader, it can affect their performance.

Today’s executives are facing more pressure than ever to make the best decisions for their organizations in the face of uncertainty. LevelUP™ can help them with the professional development necessary to do so.

How we work on your business

LevelUP™ doesn’t entail working in your business, but on your business to foster sustainable change among leadership.

The foundation of the LevelUP™ experience is made up of personalized coaching sessions with one of our professional executive coaches. We commit to a minimum of two one-on-one coaching sessions a month to work on professional development and address current leadership challenges. But before these meetings start, our coaches take the time to understand your executives and internal operations. These preliminary discussions help them understand a leader’s strengths and weaknesses, current responsibilities and leadership style. That is all factored into a personalized coaching plan.

Our coaches are not only trained professionals, but experts in psychology, human behavior and business. Many have even been in the C-suite themselves, meaning they understand better than anyone the challenges modern leaders are facing.

The LevelUP™ coaching experience is also supplemented by:

  • An online portal with an executive’s own login credentials where they can access articles and resources curated by their coach from their desktop or through a mobile app.
  • A library of custom-curated content, webinars and micro learnings leaders can utilize any time they need.
  • Online coaching notes, assessment results and goal sheets to track tasks, meeting details and progress.
  • Access to their coach’s calendar to schedule sessions at their convenience and confidentiality to communicate with their coach.

This multi-faceted approach to executive coaching is exclusive to The Bailey Group. It allows our coaches to diagnose core areas of improvement and create and execute an effective plan for sustainable professional development.

By the end of the process, the members of your leadership team will have a full understanding of how their actions impact the organization and are integral to its growth.

Watch your leaders become coaches

Our executive coaches act as both role models and leaders for your executives. They are their confidants, sounding boards for new ideas and trusted mentors. But they will never just simply tell your leaders what to do.

Through discussions, workshops and reading materials, your executives learn coaching tactics themselves. Gallup highlighted the importance of transforming bosses into coaches, saying “Coaches focus on individual and team engagement, seeing their role as the provider of what employees need to succeed.”

Throughout the LevelUP™ process, your executives will learn how to be effective communicators, delegators and decision makers. These are all skills they will bring to the workplace, and which will cascade down to their teams. 

Sustainable change supports organizational goals

Executive coaching is an investment for your entire organization, and like with any capital expense, you want to ensure there’s a return on it. Few other coaches and consultants can accurately assess their services, but The Bailey Group can.

With an understanding of the importance of ROI to businesses, The Bailey Group created our own Satisfaction And iMpact Measurement (SAMM™) process. Before any coaching sessions, we agree on key satisfaction and impact metrics with the executive and their leader. Throughout the LevelUP™ process, these metrics are assessed to ensure our coaches are meeting your expectations and delivering real results.

Executive coaching is not always a linear path, and having SAMM™ in place allows us to continuously tweak and improve the experience for our clients. We don’t simply promise change, we have the processes necessary to ensure your organization can measure the impact of our executive coaching.

View our LevelUP™ graphic below to learn more about how our process works!


LevelUP infographic

Contact The Bailey Group today to learn more about LevelUP™ and how it can benefit your executives. Our first consultation is free, we’re looking forward to speaking with you.

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

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