Non-profit Leadership Roundtable

The Bailey Group is proud to introduce the first-of-its-kind non-profit leadership development program. Open to senior level leaders in not for profit organizations, this cohort-based program is designed to develop your skills as a non-profit leader. Participating leaders will meet monthly together with other non-profit senior leaders to gain perspectives on challenges and successes they face in this critical sector.

During the program, you will gain insight into your own leadership capability and point of view through assessments and feedback, and each month your cohort will discuss critical topics necessary to your organization’s success.

Our 10 Month Program Includes:
Roundtable Sessions: 9 three-hour facilitated group roundtable sessions on timely key topics such as:
• Finance
• Working with your Board of Directors
• Advancement and Development
• Developing and Aligning Your Team
• Managing and Influencing Stakeholders

Leadership Assessments: 360 and personality assessments, including 1:1 debriefs with a certified coach from The Bailey Group to understand how you are perceived by yourself and others.

Coaching Sessions: 3 – 4 individual coaching sessions with a Bailey Group coach to further develop your leadership capabilities.

Who Should Attend
Aspiring leaders who are currently senior members of the leadership team who report directly to the organization’s CEO, Executive Director or President.

Why Attend?
Add to your leadership toolbox – if you are new to your position, or new to the not for profit sector, this is an exceptional opportunity to develop your skills and prepare yourself for the next step in your career.

Network With Other Leaders: As a member of a small cohort, you’ll learn from the experience of others, while building relationships that extend beyond the duration of this program.

Gain A Wider Perspective: As a member of the leadership team or staff, this program provides the opportunity to broaden your perspective. You’ll become more aware of the role your personality plays in becoming a strong leader.

Prepare For Succession: If your organization is planning for leadership succession, this program will help develop the leaders who can potentially fill future key leadership roles.

Candidates For Participation:
• 10+ years of experience as a leader within a non-profit organization
• Potential successor to the CEO or Executive Director
• Member of the senior leadership team of a non-profit organization

• $7,500 per person. Each cohort will be limited to 12 participants.

• Program Kick-off May 2019
• Monthly meetings and coaching cadence will be scheduled during the Kick-off session.

The Facilitators

Barb Krantz Taylor
Licensed psychologist and master coach Barb Krantz Taylor has a proven ability to help leaders realize their full potential and bring the best of themselves to their job and their organizations. Barb’s work includes executive coaching and leadership development, talent management, team alignment and development, employee engagement, and pre hire assessments for clients across a spectrum of industries.

Janet Polach, Ph.D.
Janet has built leadership development programs across the world for mid-level to executive leaders. She has conducted dozens of executive assessments for both selection and development in the U.S., Singapore, Australia, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Ireland and Puerto Rico. Janet has facilitated over a dozen leadership roundtables over the last ten years. She is an experienced executive coach for both for-profit and not-for-profit leaders and is a retired Marine Corps officer.

About The Bailey Group

With 30 years of experience, The Bailey Group specializes in CEO Advising, Leadership Team Development, and Executive Coaching, Their cadre of exceptional professionals includes CEO Advisors and Executive Coaches with decades of executive experience and consultative expertise. By combining psychology and business acumen, they are uniquely positioned to provide their clients with the tools they need to build thriving teams and to transform complex organizations.

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