I have been taking a course allowing me to find a “Journey of Joy” (jenny@MoxieQuestCoaching.com, www.MoxieQuestCoaching.com).

As I talk to clients, friends, and family, it seems we all could benefit from such a journey. There is much to consider in this course. I am learning to create some new habits but here is my biggest, literally life-changing insight.

Joy comes in moments–and that is excellent! Joy isn’t a permanent state (though it would be wonderful if it were). Joy can be overlooked easily in the daily rush of work and life. But you can learn to notice those fleeting moments when you smile, laugh, notice beauty, feel the warmth of a relationship, recall a memory, read a humorous post on social media or just sit in your backyard.

Worries, stress, uncertainty, lack of sleep will always happen and will grab our mind space. Neuroscience has long described how our brains are wired to pay particular attention to those potentially “dangerous” events. So, it takes a new level of commitment to notice the fleeting moments when things go right.

What I have learned is no matter what else is going on, there ARE always moments. The more I remember to notice and name them—or even share them—the more I find.

The little lift I get from this has made struggles, mistakes, disappointments, and/or anxieties easier to bear and shorter-lived. And, the really good news? You can still notice the garbage and give in to your negative feelings–temporarily. It’s going to happen no matter how upbeat and optimistic you are. You just have to remember to accept that and recall the little things that went right, even as the other stuff happened to. I am still learning this practice. Still losing my way at times but its helping.

Want to join me on your own Joy Journey? Let’s chat! Contact me at bktaylor@thebaileygroup.com.

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

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