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Be Prepared For Change…And Leverage It

Change Can Be a Good Thing……if you are prepared for it.

Change is a constant force in the business world, affecting businesses and consumers as well as CEOs, boards, and executive leaders within corporations. When key leaders are facing retirement or the executive leadership team is facing turnover, it is crucial to have an experienced partner ensuring the transition is smooth.

In the Twin Cities and throughout the Upper Midwest The Bailey Group is that partner. We offer a wide variety of services in the area of succession planning and pre-hire assessments, ensuring your organization is in good hands as it undergoes its transformation.

What You Have To Gain From Our Succession Planning and Pre-Hire Assessment Services 
When a CEO or other high-ranking executive officer is heading toward retirement or facing challenges that threaten their ability to lead successfully, a prudent Board of Directors will begin planning for the next phase of the company’s leadership.

Our proven professionals at The Bailey Group work closely with corporate boards and potential candidates to make sure the transition proceeds as smoothly as possible. We work to identify internal and external candidates who fit the profile decision makers are seeking for the next CEO, and conduct an assessment of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our Approach to Succession Planning and Pre-Hire Assessment
Hiring decisions, particularly at the executive level, can make or break the success of your organization or team’s efforts. The interview process alone is not sufficient for success. Our proven pre-hire assessment process helps executive leaders and Human Resources professionals make a sound decision that is in the best interest of the organization.

Our pre-hire assessment process will provide you with:
• A clear picture of the characteristics and attributes of the ideal candidate for the position
• Objective insights as to how each candidate compares to your ideal
• Perspectives on specific strengths, potential blind spots, and how the candidate will perform under pressure
• Professional development recommendations for candidates who are selected

Our Approach to Talent Transitions
Our professional psychologists conduct a rigorous assessment of each candidate for succession or hire, including:
• Clarify competencies and expectations for the position
• Administer objective assessments to identify personality characteristics, motivations and values, critical thinking, and occupational aptitudes
• Conduct an in-depth psychological interview of each candidate
• Summarize results and recommendations
• Debrief findings with hiring leader and selected candidate
• Develop onboarding and/or professional development plan for candidate selected

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