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TBG: Ready for Impact

August 4, 2022 | Blog | 5 minute read

The Bailey Group has more capability than we've ever had in our 33-year history!

In 2021, 12 executive coaches and consultants joined us bringing extensive business acumen and behavioral science expertise to our team. This incredibly talented group possesses business expertise and experience in family-owned businesses through Fortune 500 companies in industries including manufacturing, insurance, financial services, and medical technology. As director of service delivery, clients have shared with me stories of the impact this group has had on their clients and organizations. I couldn't be prouder to call each of them a colleague!

This year, I'm thrilled to announce that 5 new coaches and consultants have joined our team, deepening our business acumen and coaching experience and expertise in healthcare, HR, and medical technology. I'm proud to introduce you to them.

Rosemary Hanrahan, MD, MPH, PCC

Rosemary understands first hand how physicians, public health professionals, and non-profit leaders can change lives. She also understands first hand the challenges they face in today's world.

Rosemary's experience in the healthcare and non-profit sectors is broad and deep. As a practicing physician for over 30 years, Rosemary has served in multiple leadership roles including Medical Director for Transfusion Services and Rapid-Service Laboratory Services. As a certified professional coach, Rosemary works with physicians, clinical directors, and non-profit leaders to cultivate the self-awareness, vision, and resilience they need to effectively and compassionately lead individuals, teams, and systems through uncertainty and conflict. She is particularly passionate about helping emerging and transitioning leaders bring out the best in those they lead and influence. Rosemary also facilitates professional development seminars and workshops for professional and volunteer caregivers to increase awareness of burnout and help them develop sustainable and scalable self-care strategies that improve resilience and engagement.

With a heart for service, Rosemary has 20 years' experience volunteering with international health and senior service programs as a consultant and non-profit board member. Rosemary was the two-time recipient of the College of American Pathologists Foundation Humanitarian Grant Award for her international medical laboratory work.

Jim Willenbring, MS, CPCC, PCC

Vulnerability. Jim understands the important role vulnerability plays in leadership and in coaching relationships, and he is adept at designing alliances with his clients that create safe spaces for them to identify and understand imperfections, develop new strengths, and create mastery in the strengths they have.

With these insights, Jim gently and directly challenges his clients to take action. To quote Jim: "The path to meaningful change is paved with acts, not intentions. When those actions come from deep connection to your values, purpose, and ultimately your essential self, you broaden and deepen what it means to be an authentic leader and person."

With over three decades of success driving technology and service innovation in medical technology and healthcare, Jim leverages his coaching insights from extensive business and functional leadership experience in marketing, strategy, data analytics, product development, software, and services.

Jim's combination of leadership experience in medical technology and healthcare and his certification and experience as a Professional Co-Active Coach makes him particularly adept at coaching healthcare professionals, especially those experiencing burnout and ones trying to prevent it.

Edward Bergmark, PhD, LP

In 1990 Edward saw that there was a need in healthcare for a company focused on the whole patient, not just the illnesses they had. So, he founded and became the first CEO of Optum, a business within UnitedHealthcare, and grew Optum from a start-up business to a firm that served over 24M people by the time he left the company in 2005. Since then, Edward has taken his hard-won knowledge and experience and advises leaders in diverse industries as a board member, investor, and as a coach and mentor. He is frequently contacted by executives seeking his advice and insights.

Many executives know what it's like to struggle through times in their lives which can seem unbearable, and Edward is no exception. While he was building and leading Optum and being a father to his two young boys, his wife suffered a catastrophic accident and died 9 years later. Edward knows first-hand that at times we are all required to bear burdens that seem completely unbearable.

Edward understands that by bringing care and support to one another, we make the unbearable bearable. A licensed psychologist, Edward excels at coaching clients who are driven by their values, have not had advantages enjoyed by most, and have dedicated their professional lives to caring for the health and wellbeing of others.

Victor Thompson, MBA, Certified Executive Coach

There is no better way to sum up what Victor brings to TBG than to use his own beautiful words.

"Many leaders can see the patterns around them, identify the problems in any situation and figure out ways to solve the problem. This is good."

However, transformative leaders know that they don't and shouldn't have ALL the answers. They rise above their persona to create inclusive environments that invite ALL to belong, they organize fluid teams, and encourage continual adaptation to ever-changing environments. They develop and finetune a mindset of abundance; support and mentor emerging leaders; and they lead with love. This is great."

Victor's clients benefit from his 20+ years of experience and expertise in human resources, change management, and executive coaching. Victor has been a leader in multiple organizations where he has had firsthand experience transforming businesses, developing teams, and creating work environments that leverage the transformative power of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). His clients span industry sectors, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. He particularly enjoys working with emerging leaders, established leaders who realize they want to make a major change in their leadership style, and leaders who want to better understand DEIB. As Victor says: "If you're not willing to do the inside work, the outside work won't matter."

Rebekah Whisler, MA

"Eric, I just heard this amazing speaker at the Carlson School's HR Tomorrow conference, and then I saw she joined The Bailey Group. Good for you!" – A text I received about Rebekah from a former colleague this past spring which made me smile!

Rebekah is a strategic partner and trusted advisor to executives and leadership teams, with expertise in talent management and organization effectiveness. She is passionate about building leader, team, and organization capabilities to deliver outstanding business results.

Rebekah's coaching and consulting approach drives organizational alignment and individual self-awareness. She particularly enjoys accelerating leader development/readiness for advancement and supporting leaders through career transitions. Coaching leaders and teams for tangible and sustainable growth, Rebekah focuses on changing behaviors, changing perceptions, and creating positive momentum. She takes an integrated approach by understanding and connecting the business, organizational, and cultural context to leader and team development.

Rebekah gained significant Human Resources leadership breadth and depth during more than two decades at General Mills, including work in multiple manufacturing facilities, corporate headquarters, and an expatriate assignment in Mumba, India. Leveraging extensive global experience with a variety of business units and functions, Rebekah quickly builds credibility and drives impact with leaders across industries and levels. She has a strong reputation for being organizationally savvy, results oriented, candid, and pragmatic.

As you can see, TBG is bursting with talented coaches and consultants. If you are ready to take your own leadership and your organization to the next level and really flourish, let us know.

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