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Unbiased Perspectives and Invaluable Feedback

Proven Services for CEOs and Successful Companies

Since 1989, The Bailey Group has led hundreds of CEOs and executive teams through successful organizational transformation. We specialize in guiding exceptional leaders in healthcare, technology, financial services and manufacturing.

CEO Advising
Our team can help you conquer your most vexing issues and overcome the challenges facing your executive leadership team or broader organization. We can provide even the most accomplished CEO with an unbiased perspective and invaluable feedback – an unvarnished perspective that is rare to find the higher you are on the org chart.

Leadership Team Development
Our advisors have extensive experience removing roadblocks that stand in the way of a team’s success. We accomplish this by working with executive leadership teams as a whole and as individuals, ensuring each member has the mindset and motivation necessary for driving organizational transformation.

Executive Coaching
We will work with your executive team members and other key leaders in your organization, ensuring they have the skills required to achieve your successful vision.

Succession Planning and Pre-Hire Assessment
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Our pre-hire assessment and succession planning services can identify roadblocks before they derail your strategic plans.

Board Evaluation and Development
At The Bailey Group, we strive to evaluate and develop boards, ensuring they are appropriately organized in a way that ensures its ability to shoulder their responsibilities to the organization and its shareholders.

At The Bailey Group, we have built our firm’s reputation on our ability to solve the most vexing issues facing business leaders and organizations, including:

  • Resolving conflict among team members
  • Eliminating inefficiencies such as unproductive meetings and misaligned executive teams
  • Overcoming the roadblocks that impede business transformation

Turning Complex Challenges Into Solutions

We help companies like yours every day. Contact us today to schedule a no cost consultation with one of our executive coaches.


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