As I write this blog, The Bailey Group is in the process of hiring a new Coach and Consultant; a very critical role for us and frankly, for YOU our current or potential clients and colleagues.  It got me thinking (again) about how to ensure that we get that “right person”.  Yes, we are attending to a fair and effective recruiting, interviewing and hiring process.  We are considering diversity. And, yes, we will use Pre-Hire Assessments, as we suggest you do for your critical positions.

At times like these, I am also keenly aware of just how important it is for us to be very clear about two factors that can ultimately make or break the decision:

  1. Team alignment around what we REALLY need
  2. Concrete definitions of the critical experiences, competencies, credentials, and the all-important values and personality characteristics that allow a candidate to self-select into a role they want

Like you, I share the excitement of meeting potential new talent, and have the fear that the “fit” won’t end up right in the long run, for us OR for them.  I can tell you, this takes dialog with a number of people, along with internal reflection and transparency about our own biases.

One model I use comes from my career coaching and employee engagement work.  Taking the individual’s perspective, the key to their career success is about finding the place where one’s values and interests intersect with both the individual’s talents, experiences, and aspirations AND the organization’s needs.  Phew. That’s a lot of considerations to weigh and consider.

From the organizational perspective, we know that IF the overlap of these criteria is good, not only will we find that best candidate, but they will want to stay, learn, and grow with us.  THIS is the win-win we seek.  Not only do we find the special person who is a skilled/experienced coach and consultant to serve you and add value, but we also want someone who “fits” us and our brand.  We are small office, we work collaboratively and independently.  Chemistry matters.

And, it also matters to round out the experiences as a staff by adding someone who complements our current staff.  Our goal as a firm is to find just the right person for our clients – one who brings the right mindsets, experiences, and talents.  The more diversity WE have in background, experience, and personality, the better we can match our talents with your needs.

It is daunting to take this on and do it right.  I have even more empathy for those of you who do this regularly!  So, if you are hiring for a critical position, and want to consider the messy and nuanced factors that go beyond the obvious, I have some recent experience to share. Send me an email and I’d be happy to have a conversation.

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