What About the Next Generation of Leaders?

Stacy Richards | May 19, 2022 | Blog | 2 minute read

I have been eagerly waiting to write this post, because it's time to share another exciting development at The Bailey Group.

If you have been following our news over the past twelve months, you've witnessed a lot of change. In June of 2021, TBG announced that nine executive coaches and consultants, including myself, would be partnering with the firm to expand our ability to serve the leadership development needs of our current and future clients. Our business continues to grow quickly, and we've been thrilled to have each of the seasoned coaches on our expanded bench engage with leaders and executive teams over the past year. In fact, three of us from that incoming "class" just a year ago have enjoyed working with this team and our clients so much that we decided to join the TBG staff (I'm looking at you, Eric and Chris!) And we have just announced the addition of another five highly experienced coaches to our roster.

But back to the news I've been eager to announce. Beginning in Q3 2022, TBG is expanding our capabilities beyond the C-Suite and senior leadership levels to offer coaching programs for early career leaders!

As many of our clients have experienced first-hand, the next generations of leaders place a high value on professional growth and development. Many front-line managers in the workforce are millennials. They are leading the Gen Z associates coming on board post-pandemic, and both generations demand meaning and purpose, transparency, psychological safety, and opportunities for development and advancement in their work.

In our work with executive leadership over the past 33 years, TBG has always emphasized the need for senior leaders to establish a healthy and cohesive culture for their organizations to inspire optimal performance. Now, culture is more important than ever, and we need to learn from the next generation of leaders about the types of organizations they want to create while we prepare them with the skills they need for the senior seats they will fill.

After 20+ years in the practice of law and then sales leadership roles I coached for a global online program focused on the critical leadership skills of the future – those qualities that make people valuable team members and great leaders over the long term. Inspired by that program, I launched a coaching practice focused on early career leadership, and I am thrilled to include that practice into our services offered to TBG clients.

Over the coming months we will keep you informed about our early career leadership programs. And if your high-potential talent and future leadership bench are at the top of your priority list now, please reach out so we can help.

As for the future of The Bailey Group, we've got big plans for serving more organizations and catalyzing the growth of individuals and organizations so they can flourish. Our staff and cadre of 20+ highly experienced executive coaches bring a broad range of industry and functional area backgrounds to help meet your specific leadership needs.

Personally, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful TBG team, continue to coach leaders at all career stages, work with leadership teams, and head up our sales and marketing efforts during such an exciting time of growth and transformation. The combination of our clients' evolving needs and the transformation of the workforce presents an exciting challenge, and we are here for it!

Check out our blog for more leadership insights, and reach out to our team to schedule a free consultation.

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