Are you having one of those days/weeks?  Plans keep changing, calendar is full, yet more people want your time?  Life outside of work is not cooperating to keep the stress level to a manageable roar? It’s all good stuff but just too much. That sums up my life right now.

So, it’s time for the best resiliency I’ve got.  I have 3 things I try to remind myself when its one of those weeks:

  1. This, too, will pass. It will not last forever.  I have gotten through worse than this.  Much of what is going on is temporary.  Breath, pause, believe it will get better.  Just did that.  I feel better already.
  2. I am enough. Get off my own back, reduce expectations, no one is going to die if a pup takes longer to house train or if someone has to wait a few days.  I will focus on the most important things, prioritize and if some plates fall, it’s okay.  Again, a bit more weight lifted.  Yay!
  3. Face reality. It IS a tough week coming up.  In addition to the normal work and home stuff, I have raised a litter of puppies and they are going to their new homes this week.  I will miss the little savages terribly and it will be a relief to have only ONE in the house, instead of seven.  It is a hard week, a week I have dreaded and looked forward to.  Life gets easier in many ways, and new phases of puppy training bring new challenges.  This is just something to be accepted; have my feelings and move through them.

What are your resiliency tips?  Mine work for me when I remember to use them.  If you need to find yours or remind yourself that you will survive, I’d be glad to compare notes – just send me an email.

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You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

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