Lately, The Bailey Group has engaged in all-staff dialogues about WHY we do what we do as a firm.  It stems from fundamental beliefs we have about how much leadership matters in organizations.  It matters to the individual leaders who are striving for achievement.  It matters to the team members that report to those leaders—who want to follow someone they trust and who cares about them. And it matters to the very success of the organization itself—to its bottom line, board/owners, employees, AND to customers.

I have been working with leaders—at all levels, in most industries, and at all stages—in their careers for 30 years.  I have had several different job titles, worked in different functions within different industries, but essentially, I have been doing similar work all this time. That is — listening, asking penetrating questions, holding up mirrors, supporting, and challenging.  In other words, I have been partnering with individuals who are looking to be more as a leader and often as a human being.  And, I have never tired of it.  I will stay in this career until I retire–and likely afterwards on a part-time basis. It is a privilege and an honor to be “let in” to the internal worlds of my clients, watching them gain life-changing insight, practice how to say/do what needs saying/doing, and, in the process, transform themselves.

Why do I personally love this?  I can think of nothing that better fits that sweet spot where my values, my talents and the needs of the world overlap.  I get to see results in others that inspire me.  I see individuals gain confidence, competence, resilience, and clarity.  I get to see teams reach goals that exceed their expectations, get their work done faster and with more fun, have spirited dialogues and disagreements that leave everyone “whole” when they are done.  And, I get to see organizations who thrive through transformations, being both profitable and creating cultures where people really WANT to work.

The work we do at The Bailey Group often starts with one person, who is brave and daring enough to understand their motivations, values, strengths and watch-outs—thus leading from their true self.  And this ripples throughout an organization. Your leadership matters and it is always a work in progress.  It is something no leader ever gets perfectly right.  Paradoxically, it requires the belief that you are both “enough” AND that more growth can still occur.

Want to partner, grow, transform and still be who you are?  I can help with that. Send me an email – be brave!

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

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