Women in Leadership

Nearly 60 percent of women contribute to the U.S. workforce and they account for more than half of all workers in management and professional occupations. Over the next decade women have the potential to add trillions of dollars to the growth of the global economy. Yet gender inequity continues to create significant hurdles for women in the workplace. These obstacles are particularly evident in the technology industry, where women hold just one-quarter of the jobs and only 8 percent of leadership positions.

Women in tech are paid less and promoted less often than men—disparities that have contributed to nearly 60 percent of women leaving the industry at midpoints in their careers. Additionally, women-led tech firms receive less funding, despite studies that show they get an average 35 percent higher return on investment than their male counterparts.

These issues have inspired several women in Minnesota to devote their lives and careers to breaking down barriers, overcoming obstacles and transforming the technology industry. “Women in Leadership Transforming Tech” is a series of feature articles and a white paper from The Bailey Group that highlight these extraordinary individuals and their journeys.

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Read about the journeys of seven of the women interviewed for the white paper:

Alison Brown, President of the Science Museum of Minnesota
As a girl, mainstream media messages about women in the workplace profoundly affected new Science Museum of Minnesota President and CEO Alison Brown. The daughter of an entrepreneur who worked … Read more

Julie Durham, Vice President of Software Engineering at UnitedHealth Group
Julie Durham’s technology career has followed a fast-paced and winding road, with Durham actively in the driver’s seat, following her curiosity to the next stop on her career journey … Read more

Nina Hale, Founder of Nina Hale, Inc.
More than 20 years ago, Nina Hale was among an emerging group of marketing professionals who believed digital technology was about to disrupt the advertising industry. It was around the … Read more

Joy Lindsay, President of StarTec Investments
StarTec Investments President Joy Lindsay is a pioneer for women in technology in Minnesota. She graduated from Carleton College in 1978 with a degree in mathematics and immediately began her … Read more

Nancy Lyons, President and CEO of Clockwork
Nancy Lyons not only transforms the technology space through her leadership of the interactive design agency Clockwork, but also by what she stands for—in and outside her company’s walls … Read more

Liwanag Ojala, CEO of CaringBridge
A business law degree led Liwanag Ojala down a path that connected her with top Minnesota companies including Fortune 500 food distributor Nash Finch (now SpartanNash), where she served as … Read more

Kim Skanson, Vice President of Global IT for Cargill
Kim Skanson never expected to spend her career in information technology. When she graduated from college with a business degree, web access and email were still on green-screen computers … Read more


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You Worked Hard To Reach The Top

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