Case Study: Transitioning from physician to impactful administrative leader

by The Bailey Group | Jun 30, 2022

Our client has decades of clinical experience, but when he was promoted to the chair of one of the world’s most prestigious medical center’s radiology department, he struggled to transition into his administrative leadership role. When he started coaching with The Bailey Group, things began to change.

Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll learn from this case study:

  • Our client realized quickly that physicians don’t typically receive training or professional development to prepare for administrative leadership functions. Navigating the opinions and personalities of others became a serious challenge.
  • Trust was at the heart of his engagement with The Bailey Group. His coach, Barb Krantz Taylor, took the time to listen to him and understand his specific strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals, and then she and our client built a development plan to match.
  • The resources Barb supplied throughout the process, including books and relevant articles, deepened the experience considerably for our client. Topics ranged from having difficult conversations to maintaining team alignment. 
  • Our client’s relationships with his supervisor and other members of the leadership team have transformed, and work has turned into a constructive and enjoyable experience for everyone. These positive results have cascaded down to the rest of the team.

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