LevelUP for Leadership Teams™

Even your best leaders can learn to work more efficiently as a team.

A rising tide lifts all boats, and the collective performance of your leaders depends on their ability to work together with trust and decisiveness. Strong teams communicate openly, plan strategically, and capitalize on each others’ strengths. We created LevelUP for Leadership Teams™ to help uncover insights that steer leadership teams toward successful results quickly. The program focuses on important topics including decision-making, delegation, creation and execution of strategy, and innovative thinking.

A typical LevelUP for Leadership Teams engagement includes:

  • Individual and team assessments, including 360 where needed
  • 1:1 coaching for all team members
  • Focus on strengthening and deepening the 1:1 relationship between the leader and the team members
  • Integrating real-world challenges and scenarios into individual and group sessions
  • Making the team leader more effective in building a high-performance team
  • Building leadership skills by focusing on achieving team results
  • Pre- and post-assessments to measure results and impact to your organization

Our approach to leadership team development lasts 6-12+ months and focuses simultaneously on the development of the team and its individual members. Like all services for our clients, we customize our LevelUP for Leadership Teams approach to meet the exact needs of your organization. Our team of highly trained executive coaches leverage a blend of team effectiveness models tailored specifically for your organization. Our consultants are business and human behavioral experts you can count on to help make game-changing results a reality.


“Through individual and group coaching experiences, the team at The Bailey Group authentically connects with leaders in a way that fosters trust and supports them in embracing the gift of self-discovery, while incorporating current organizational priorities and focus areas into the coaching process. This practical and high-impact approach has accelerated the cohesiveness and transformation of newly formed leadership teams, with results naturally cascading deeper into the organization. We look to The Bailey Group as a true partner in our commitment to developing highly effective and highly engaged leaders at Bremer.”

— Teresa Biss, Director of Organizational Effectiveness & Training at Bremer Bank, a client of The Bailey Group

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