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Since 1989, we’ve led hundreds of CEOs, boards, and executive teams through successful organizational transformation. And we can do the same for you.

CEO Advising
The higher you are on the org chart, the harder it is to get objective insights and support. We serve as a trusted outside advisor to new and seasoned CEOs and provide unbiased guidance every step of the way. We’ll partner with you to clarify desired business results, deepen insights into how your leadership style helps and hinders performance, and bring organizational goals to life.

Executive Coaching
If you’re looking to give your company a competitive edge, remember this: The long-term success of an organization hinges on its leaders. So, make sure you give them every opportunity for growth and support. We work one-on-one with executive leaders, helping them leverage their strengths, realize their potential, and maximize contributions to your organization.

Leadership Team Development
Your ability to build and maintain a high-performing executive team will determine your success as a leader and as an organization. We work with leadership teams to ensure that tough issues are worked through and that decisions are made and acted upon — paving the way for teams to achieve maximum results and enjoy the process.

Leadership Assessment
How do you know if the person you’re thinking of hiring or moving up in the organization is the right fit? Assessments offer objective insights into an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, values, and approach to critical reasoning — providing a powerful way to predict performance and future potential.

Succession Planning
The complexity and expense involved in identifying and developing your next generation of leaders is significant. For this reason, working with a partner experienced in talent assessment, talent development and succession planning is essential for success. Our robust suite of succession planning services will help ensure that when transitions take place, your organization is prepared.

Board Evaluation and Development
Strong alignment and communication between the CEO, board chair, and board are the cornerstones of effective corporate governance. We work with all involved to clarify roles, provide insight into functioning and performance, optimize strengths, and build commitment to best practices and continuous improvement — setting the stage for healthy dynamics and board excellence.

High-Potential Leadership
Growing and sustaining your organization takes more than a great executive team. It calls for a forward-thinking mindset and continually developing the next generation of engaged, empowered, and results-oriented leaders. We partner with executive leadership to identify high-potential candidates and create the processes needed to realize their full potential.

Meeting Facilitation
Resources spent on meeting are not always resources well spent. Our meeting facilitators can make sure your investment in meetings pays dividends for your organization. Our facilitators use their understanding of human behavior and team dynamics in concert with deep business acumen to foster an open dialogue centered around a shared strategic vision. We offer a neutral source to plan, facilitate and follow up on in-person meetings, virtual meetings, and hybrid meetings.

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