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Since 1989, we’ve empowered leaders and executive teams to transcend functional excellence and become exceptional leaders of people and organizations.

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Your C-Suite leaders drive the direction and momentum of your business. When they lead with confidence and empathy, the organization benefits. C-Change™ is a service that helps new CEOs and C-suite leaders recognize personal strengths and seize every opportunity to hone them. Our senior executive coaches provide scheduled and on-demand advising meetings to help your most senior leaders create a successful organizational culture.

LevelUP Coaching for Leaders™
A competitive edge exists within your organization—it’s the leaders who understand the business’ vision and the necessary steps to bring it to life. Leaders who operate with poise and purpose elevate the people around them. LevelUP Coaching for Leaders™ raises the odds that your decision-makers will lead with trust and influence, no matter the circumstances. Our seasoned coaches help shift your senior leaders’ focus from working in the business to working on the business.

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LevelUP for Leadership Teams™
When applied to leadership teams, our LevelUP methodology enables teams to more effectively collaborate, align, make decisions, and drive growth and innovation. We combine individual and team assessments, one-to-one coaching, and team development sessions to enhance individual performance and improve team outcomes. Our coaches bring an impactful mix of real-world business experience and human behavioral expertise to supercharge your team’s potential.

LevelUP for Leadership Cohorts™
Across industries, succession planning has never been more important. Organizations must prepare for future internal shifts in leadership. LevelUP for Leadership Cohorts™ equips your current mid-level leaders with the capabilities required of executive leaders. Our unique cohort engagement provides one-on-one coaching for high-potential participants combined with group learning and high-level project work. The approach provides greater visibility for your top talent, aligns leaders strategically across silos, and builds a strong leadership culture and community across the organization.

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Leadership Assessment

How do you know if the person you’re thinking of hiring or moving up in the organization is the right fit? Assessments offer objective insights into an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, values, and approach to critical reasoning—providing a powerful way to predict performance and future potential.

Board Evaluation and Development
Strong alignment and communication between the CEO, board chair, and board are the cornerstones of effective corporate governance. We work with key players to clarify roles, provide insight into functioning and performance, optimize strengths, and build commitment to best practices and continuous improvement—setting the stage for healthy dynamics and board excellence.

Meeting Facilitation
Resources spent on meeting are not always resources well spent. Our meeting facilitators can make sure your investment in meetings pays dividends for your organization. Our facilitators use their understanding of human behavior and team dynamics in concert with deep business acumen to foster an open dialogue centered around a shared strategic vision. We offer a neutral source to plan, facilitate and follow up on in-person meetings, virtual meetings, and hybrid meetings.

We transform leadership.

Our coaches have sat in the leadership seats. Our expert guidance results in actionable strategies and improved outcomes for both leaders and teams. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation with one of our executive coaches.


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