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Collaborative, creative, and productive meetings in person and virtually

All meetings are not created equal

The costs of meetings – both real and opportunity – are high. Successful meetings foster an open exchange of ideas and drive alignment around a shared vision. Poorly run meetings result in grumbling about “another meeting that should have been an email,” sapping team morale and energy.

Meeting facilitation services from proven professionals

At The Bailey Group, our coaches have the skills and knowledge necessary to make your investment in meetings pay dividends and achieve the desired business outcomes. We offer a neutral source to facilitate meetings in person, virtually, and in hybrid settings, fostering discussion on focused topics such as:

  • Strategy and vision
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership and team effectiveness
  • Culture
  • Employee engagement
  • Board actions
  • Remedy the “elephant in the room” or underlying tensions

The facilitation of the meeting is only a small part of the value we bring. You can rely on us to design and plan the group process, document meetings, and ensure accountability for action items in order to continue your team’s momentum after the meeting adjourns.

To see the impact of partnering with The Bailey Group to facilitate your meetings, you can read our work here.

A process driven by knowledge of human behavior and group dynamics

Our knowledge of human behavior and the nuances that can enhance or derail dialogue allow us to achieve deeper trust and greater inclusion among your team. Having a trusted, neutral arbitrator facilitating your meetings can help make the implicit explicit. We follow three basic principles:

  • Having unconditional positive regard for all participants
  • Providing a safe space for participants to be open and genuine
  • Listening to all participants with empathy

Make your meetings count with the help of our experienced facilitators. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.


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