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“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

Einstein’s insight still speaks to the power of effective executive coaching, which challenges your leaders’ current way of thinking to build fresh perspectives, stronger leadership skills and drive exceptional results.

For over 30 years The Bailey Group has led executive teams through successful organizational transformation and helped them deliver sustainable results for years to come.

Do your leaders need executive coaching?

It’s no secret that humans crave routine. Forming habits and falling into a comfortable pattern creates security. 

The same is true for leadership within an organization. Finding a routine that has been proven to work may feel comfortable, but it ultimately hinders innovation and executive development. 

If your leadership team is more operational than strategic and more concerned with sticking to the status quo than inspiring superior results, they can benefit from executive coaching to leverage their existing strengths and move the organization forward.

More signs your organization needs leadership coaching services

Identifying if your leaders need executive coaching can be difficult. After all, their strategies have been working for your business for this long, so why do they need to change? 

Here are some things that may indicate your leaders need executive coaching:

  • Your business is no longer progressing toward goals
  • Executive team meetings are low energy and unproductive
  • Employee engagement and retention is declining
  • Employee morale is low
  • There is no clear direction for the business
  • You notice more interpersonal conflicts that go unresolved
  • Your business is more inward then outward focused

There is a common misconception that leadership coaching is only for individuals who are fairly new to the role, in trouble or waiting to be promoted, but this is not the case. Even leaders with decades of experience in an executive position can benefit from one-on-one coaching for a fresh perspective.

Executive coaching is an investment in your top performers to drive superior results.

Our executive coaching process

At The Bailey Group, our coaches work as a team to build relationships with executives based on mutual trust and respect. 

An executive coach isn’t simply someone who tells your leaders what to do. Our team approach combines experts in psychology, behavioral science, bench strength and business practices, so they understand the unique and complex issues today’s organizational leaders face. 

We also know that not every leader requires or will respond to the same coaching engagement. Our coaches get to know your leadership team on a personal and professional level to customize their coaching program and ensure it drives the sustainable results your business needs.

The Bailey Group Approach

Our executive coaching program starts with an initial discovery interview with the executive and their leader. This helps our coach get a deeper understanding of the business context, the reasons for coaching and the expectations of outcomes from their experience. 

Here are the key steps in our approach:

  • Conduct an objective assessment of leadership strengths, weaknesses and challenges using professional-level leadership assessments and quantitative research methods
  • Align goal setting and action plans with the executive and their leader
  • Hold a scheduled one-on-one coaching session at a minimum of twice a month that provides the time to work on development issues and address urgent issues as they arise
  • Evaluate if the coaching goals and outcomes have been achieved using The Bailey Group’s proprietary impact and satisfaction measurement process and identify future development needs to be addressed

Executive coaching works by providing a safe, supportive environment where executives and leaders can explore personal and professional issues and speak freely about the challenges they face. Sometimes, leaders simply need a coach to bounce ideas off of, while at other times need someone to provide challenging feedback and to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve their skill set.

Executive coaching outcomes: The benefits to your organization?

Executive development does not just benefit leadership. As a leader works with their coach to navigate business problems, the entire organization can benefit from their enhanced leadership abilities. 

Here are the outcomes your organization can expect from executive coaching:

  • Clarity and alignment regarding individual and organizational goals and a plan to achieve them, creating the conditions for success
  • Deeper awareness of strengths, weaknesses and patterns that can help or hinder leadership capabilities and organizational progress
  • Accountability, advice and support at every stage
  • Improved execution on key initiatives
  • Results and outcomes that are sustainable over time

And those aren’t the only benefits of executive coaching. A coach who has expertise in behavioral science can also help leaders become more self-aware and improve how they utilize empathy and other social skills at work. This is an integral part of improving the organization from the inside out. A leader who is both conscious of how their actions influence others and has a strong understanding of their role as an executive helps improve the employee experience and progress of the company. 

TBG executive coaching in action

Many organizations have already experienced how executive coaching can directly impact the success of their business. When a leading manufacturer of outdoor lifestyle products approached The Bailey Group for assistance with their strategic vision and future of the organization, coaching was one of the first things we worked with. 

The company has undergone a major operational and human talent transformation, and executive coaching was crucial for the success of its acquisitions and growth. In this instance, coaching helped leadership team members from different backgrounds align their goals and strategy.

How to get started with executive coaching

If you feel like your organization can benefit from coaching services, it’s time to contact an experienced partner for assistance. Through an initial consultation, an executive coach can help assess if your leader is a good candidate for coaching and answer all of your questions about this financial investment. 

At The Bailey Group, our proven executive coaches can provide your leaders with the tools they need to thrive in the modern world. We understand that sometimes boosting the overall performance of your team requires an outside perspective and fresh ideas, both of which are critical to your team’s success.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

Our proven executive coaches can provide your leaders with the tools they need to thrive.

Boosting the overall performance of your team is critical. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We would love to hear from you.


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