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Imagine Your Dream Team

Imagine that you had the best team ever. A team aligned around purpose, goals, roles and norms. A team with the right talent, who work collaboratively and cohesively, trusting one another. Now imagine where you could go with that team.

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Give That Stress A Rest

As leaders, it is often difficult to gauge the weight of our own stress. The longer we hang onto our stress, the heavier it becomes. Put the stress down, get support, and when you are refreshed, carry on.

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Satisfying the Authentic Self

Leaders who are driven by the need to impress or compete with others may find their work increasingly less meaningful. Conversely, leaders who are “inner directed” are able to set a direction for the organization based on their authentic values and experience. This “inner directedness” is where the courage to act in the face of criticism and self-doubt comes from.

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The Biology Behind Bias

According to the latest brain research, working through personality differences is a biological, not just a psychological, challenge.  The unconscious part of our brain is evolutionarily wired to prefer people who are similar to us, regardless of whether or not our...

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Be Fearless; Commit to a Growth Mindset

When faced with a problem that seems too hard to solve, leading edge executives and coaching practitioners replace fear with the a “growth mindset”. It is not about how much you know. It is instead about how committed you are to learn and grow on a continual basis.

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