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Authentic Praise. Use it.

Today’s managers and leaders hand out authentic praise far too infrequently. Is your assumption “my employees know I appreciate their work”? Pretend they don’t know, and tell them. Then see if you get even more of those behaviors you recognize and praise.

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More on Hidden Talents; Hidden Liabilities: How to Better Predict Leadership Strengths and Downsides

Research studies have identified what great leaders do (behaviors/competencies) and who they must be (personality characteristics). ALL these characteristics and competencies are rooted in personality and the basic tendencies toward or away from these are in place long before individuals even become leaders.  The good news is that there are tools available which can provide objective data about whether an individual has a natural tendency toward or away from these competencies and characteristics. 

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CEOs: Are You Under-Leading Your Organization?

  Why were you chosen as CEO for your organization? Where can you uniquely lead your organization that no other CEO can? If you can’t answer these questions, you are almost certainly under-leading your company. CEOs are chosen by their boards for a reason. There is...

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Every Executive Needs a Truth Teller

The phrase “speaking the truth to power” was popularized in a 1955 book chronicling a Quaker alternative to violence designed to thwart forms of totalitarianism.  It has been used in many forms, but mostly as a learning tool for those reporting to high powered...

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Succession Planning – A Dream or a Nightmare?

I found the Harvard Business Review article “A CEO’s Personality Can Undermine Succession Planning” an interesting read, and it raised a question for me: How can the issues described by the authors (having no succession plan or successor, going through the motions of...

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