LevelUP for Leadership Cohorts™
Organizational transformations start from within. They happen more quickly with leadership cohort development.

It’s why we take a careful and purposeful approach to helping organizations account for every detail of internal leadership development. The process requires proven tactics to achieve efficiently and at scale. For 34 years, our experts in leadership and behavioral science have helped mid-level leaders unlock new capabilities. Enhancing your leaders’ competencies prepares your organization for a future of successful senior-level leadership.

LevelUP for Leadership Cohorts is designed around five key components:

  1. Actively engaged, high-potential participants who have been nominated and are supported by their leader
  2. Senior leadership sponsorship, support, and engagement
  3. Alignment and application with current business goals through action-learning projects
  4. Engagement of participants’ individual leaders throughout the program
  5. 1:1 executive coaching, assessments, cohort learning and networking

Customized to meet your organization’s specific professional development needs, the program is typically a 9- to 18-month learning engagement of 8-25 of your high-potential leaders. Each cohort includes individuals from different functional areas to promote cross-company relationships and collaboration. Nurturing talent through a strategic lens can lead to measurable results. Prepare your business for anything the future holds by having the right people in place to thrive.

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