Kaylee Thomsen

Chief Operating Officer

“Personal and professional growth and development are a driving force in my life. I love putting my time, talent and expertise to work to advance the mission of our firm, which is zealous about partnering with individuals and teams to help them reach their potential. I’m passionate about the cascading impact that stems from creating healthy workplace environments both internally at The Bailey Group as well as externally across the Twin Cities and beyond.”

-Kaylee Thomsen

Meet Kaylee

Kaylee leads strategy and execution for The Bailey Group. She serves as Integrator for the organization working closely with the firm’s Visionary and Division Leaders to align the organization, manage and resolve healthy tension cross-functionally, ensure P&L results are actualized, and lead, manage and hold accountable the leaders responsible for each function of the firm. 

During her tenure, Kaylee has held 6 different roles and has experience supporting, managing and leading all four primary functions of the business. 


• The Bailey Group: Chief Operating Officer

• The Bailey Group: Director – Finance, Operations and Administration

• The Bailey Group: Director – Finance and Administration

• The Bailey Group: Manager – Operations and Accounting

• The Bailey Group: Office Manager

• studio503: Account Coordinator, Operations

University of St. Thomas – BA, Business Communications
Personal Interests

Physical fitness enthusiast who enjoys cooking, personal finance, real estate investing, travelling, reading and continually working on expanding her knowledge to propel growth and personal development

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Phone: 763-545-5997
M–F: 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
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4800 Olson Memorial Highway
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