How LevelUP™ Supports the Best Leadership Behaviors in Your Executives

Rear Admiral and renowned computer scientist Grace Hopper once said “You manage things; you lead people.”

While a simple statement, it encapsulates the difference between managers and C-suite executives. The former is in charge of daily operations and tasks, while leaders must make bold decisions and mobilize their teams to execute strategy.

LevelUP™ is a new coaching experience that provides leaders at corporations and nonprofits with the tools and support they need to embrace their role as drivers of change.

Do your executives have what it takes to be effective leaders?

Executives are the backbone of your organization, but when they are still clinging to the responsibilities associated with a prior role rather than the bigger picture, the company as a whole is held back.

Of course, not every executive is a great leader right away. There’s a natural mourning period that comes with transitioning into a new role with different responsibilities, but it’s imperative for an effective leader to shed their prior position and fully embrace being an executive.



Effective leadership behaviors can not only help optimize your organization’s decision making and growth but also:



  • Bring out the best in other employees
  • Drive innovation
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Set direction and define values for the business
  • Improve accountability among the team

Luckily, it’s never too late for your executives to level up and learn the effective leadership behaviors necessary for their roles.

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Signs of a sub-optimal leadership team

Just as there are effective leadership behaviors, there are also those that can be detrimental to a leader’s ability to meet the expectations of their role. Here are some signs your leaders need to level up:

  • Continuously becoming stuck on minor tasks
  • Not delegating work to members of their team
  • Feeling overwhelmed by work without a clear path forward
  • Acknowledging that employee satisfaction is low
  • Finding communication difficult and unproductive

Behavior of a successful leader

A leader who is leveled up knows how to delegate effectively and think strategically to set direction, values and vision. This is aided by a comprehensive set of skills and behaviors, such as:

  • Empathy
  • Being calm under pressure
  • Strategic thinking
  • Accountability
  • Delegation
  • Self-confidence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Organization
  • Resilience

Identifying and rectifying poor leadership behaviors requires an organization to evaluate the effectiveness of its C-suite, but more importantly, executives must be open to learning new skills and speaking candidly with their coaches.

Only then can executive coaching be used to work on your business and refine essential leadership behaviors among your team.

Supporting your leadership: Executive coaching


A key component of LevelUP™ is personalized, one-on-one coaching with our executive coaches.

We take a team approach that combines our collective expertise in psychology, behavioral science and business operations to approach problems. Many of our coaches have even sat in the C-suite themselves, so they understand better than anyone the unique and complex issues today’s leaders face.

We understand that not every leader requires, nor will they respond to, the same coaching engagement. LevelUP™ was created specifically for executives who are new to their roles or are struggling to fully grasp the responsibilities and behaviors required by their positions.

That’s also why our coaching experience always begins with getting to know your leadership team. As our coaches engage in discussions, they get to know their leadership style and build the foundation of a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

We are committed to scheduling at least two one-on-one coaching sessions a month that provide the time to work on development issues and address urgent problems as they arise. Being a leader is anything but predictable, and our coaching sessions are designed to be flexible so you can discuss timely topics and workshop them together.

Executive coaching is just one part of the LevelUP™ experience, it also includes:

  • checkConducting an objective assessment of leadership strengths, weaknesses and challenges using professional-level leadership assessments and qualitative research methods
  • checkAligning goal setting, action plans and key impact measurements with the executive and their assigned leader
  • checkUtilizing learning materials and opportunities for continuous professional development through a personalized user portal that can be accessed from mobile devices
  • checkCollecting feedback throughout the entire process to ensure expectations are being met
  • checkEvaluating if the coaching goals and outcomes have been achieved using The Bailey Group’s proprietary Satisfaction and iMpact Measurement (SAMM) process
  • checkIdentifying future growth needs that can be addressed through executive coaching

By creating a safe, supportive environment where new executives can explore leadership issues and leverage a library of custom-curated eLearning materials and our additional resources outside of sessions, they are able to start and sustain their journey of continuous professional development.

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LevelUP™ your leadership: The Bailey Group Difference


When you LevelUP™ your leadership, you have a partner by your side to hold your leaders accountable and enact long-term, sustainable change.

The executive coaches at The Bailey Group are professionally trained to help foster the unique skills and behaviors your leaders need if they are to unlock the ability to fully embody their roles. Few other coaches and consulting agencies can provide a comprehensive approach to professional growth and ensure a strong return on your coaching investment.

Our coaches have provided countless executives with the tools, skills and mindset necessary for positive change. LevelUP™ leverages our core competencies and proprietary SAMM™ process alongside curated online resources to provide new leaders with everything they need to excel.

When your executives are stuck in the weeds, let The Bailey Group help.

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