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When it comes to building effective leadership teams, instinct alone isn’t enough. You need to understand the science of team development and the changing role leaders play in creating and maintaining team effectiveness.

With expertise in behavioral sciences, psychology and best executive leadership practices, The Bailey Group has worked with organizations for over 30 years to help build teams that are engaged, effective and enjoy their work.

Leadership team development: Signs you’re ready for help

Every organization wants their leadership team to be engaged and collaborative, but this rarely happens on its own accord. Team development is critical to providing your executive team with the insights and tools needed to build better communication, make timely decisions and set a trajectory to meet goals.

For leaders, having the ability to build, develop and maintain an effective team provides a distinct advantage. Team-building skills are integral to being an effective leader and accelerate careers and provide long-lasting benefits to the organization served by these transformational leaders. 

Investing in your team is an investment in your organization. Your executive leadership may need additional support, and knowing what signs to look for can help you stay a step ahead of the challenges your team may face.

Signs your team needs development

It’s always best to be proactive about coaching your leadership team. Early intervention ensures teams are still open to development and change. 

Here are some of the red flags that may mean your leadership team can benefit from coaching:

  • Team members meet in small groups after full team meetings to vent and share frustrations 
  • Team meetings lack energy
  • Morale and motivation are lacking 
  • Team members are frustrated because decisions aren’t being made or are made too slowly
  • Team members are unclear or disagree about the team’s purpose and goals
  • Team members complain about a lack of trust on the team
  • Team members are missing meetings, leaving meetings early or sending delegates rather than attending

Team building can help remedy these barriers to communication that are typically the cause of a disjointed leadership team.

The role of a leader

Leaders are at the helm of team development and change. Their actions and attitudes have a direct influence over the rest of the organization. And we understand that every leadership team is unique. It’s important to leverage the strengths of each person to create a collaborative unit that is stronger together. 

When leadership team development is undertaken, executives can model positive behaviors that help move the company forward.

How we approach leadership team development

The Bailey Group combines the expertise of executive coaches with C-Suite experience and knowledge of psychology and behavioral sciences to move your team in the right direction. 

Our four-step approach includes:

1. Assessing individual team members, and the team as a whole, to uncover strengths and barriers to success

2. Designing and facilitating customized coaching sessions and offsites that focus on real issues and team development

3. Attending meetings to assess and help improve dialogue, decision-making and conflict management in “real-time”

4. Working with team leaders to cultivate a strong and empowering leadership style

Through a mix of leadership assessments, coaching and team meetings, we get to know your executives and create a plan of action for how to improve team effectiveness.

Outcomes you can see

From leadership development sessions, your team will begin setting goals, improving their communication and enhancing their decision-making abilities.

You will begin to see the results of our process:

  • A team aligned around a core purpose and the corresponding measures of success
  • Enhanced ability to use differences as a catalyst for commitment and innovation
  • Better, faster decisions that stick
  • Stronger commitment to executing team decisions and achieving results
  • Greater sense of trust and respect among all team members

When your leadership team is stuck in a rut, bringing in an outside perspective to monitor meetings and assess strengths and weaknesses is necessary. 

An example of leadership team development success

When Brian Peters was hired as the CEO of a unique physician-specific financial services organization, he knew he needed assistance with leadership development. TBG provided a wide range of services for Peters, from coaching work with senior leaders to helping the company create and navigate significant organizational change that happens with new leadership. 

Working with the senior leadership team and the teams reporting to the members of the senior team, transformation strategies and goals were cascaded into the organization. This ensures that everyone within the organization was on the same page about what was happening and why. Along with leadership team development, TBG helped conduct pre-hire assessments and identified high-potential future leaders within the organization.

Today, the company boasts an engaged and effective leadership team that is ready to address new issues as they arise and create deeper conversations in the C-suite.

Taking the next step with leadership team development

We have seen first hand that a high performing executive team is critical to the success of any organization.

They empower others within the company to follow their lead. This exponential momentum built on consistent messages are cascaded, discussed and reinforced for cohesive and effective strategy execution. It is the responsibility of every leader to disagree strongly and execute faithfully, and leadership team development can help them hone this skill. 

You can build a strong executive team with help from leadership development experts. The Bailey Group’s executive coaches have provided teams with the tools, skills and mindset necessary for positive change. 

Organizational transformation can feel daunting, let The Bailey Group help.

Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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