Succession Planning

Helping ensure that change is good.

Planning for the next phase of leadership

Change is a constant force in the business world, impacting corporate performance — and corporate leadership — in significant ways. We work closely with boards and CEOs to plan for the next phase of leadership, ensuring that the right people are in place and that when succession occurs, the transition is smooth.


  • Alignment between the ELT and board about potential successors
  • Ready-now successors with customized development plans
  • Faster time to full productivity when successors move into a new role
  • Greater insight into talent across the organization
  • A model for succession planning at all levels of the organization

Our Approach

  • Clarify competencies and expectations for the position that map to the company strategy
  • Identify internal and external candidates who fit that profile
  • Administer objective assessments to identify personality characteristics, motivations and values, critical thinking, and occupational aptitudes
  • Conduct an in-depth psychological interview of each candidate
  • Summarize and report results and recommendations to the board
  • Create on-boarding and/or professional development plans for candidates who are selected

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We look forward to helping your organization achieve a smooth transition of leaders. Contact us to schedule a consultation.


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