What are you giving for the Holidays?

What are you giving for the Holidays?

Barb Krantz Taylor | December 21, 2022 | Blog | 1 minute read

The holidays are a time of gift giving for many of us.  The malls and online stores are swamped with folks looking for that perfect gift for the loved ones on their lists.  This got me thinking about what leaders can give to their direct reports this holiday season…Here are some ideas!

  1. Appreciation. Think about each of your direct reports.  What is one thing you appreciate about them.  Big or small?  Write them an email like "I was just thinking about all of your contributions in the last year.  Of the many, here is just one I wanted to know that I see…" Then, describe it…and send it.
  2. Encourage time off.  Our office has actually closed for the Holidays.  Wow.  That is truly appreciated by us all.  That may not be possible for your business but when is the last time you, as the leader, encouraged your staff to take some time for themselves.  Just walk to their desk and see if they can just leave…NOW. Today.  They deserve it.  Can you urge them to take an afternoon or day, just for themselves?
  3. Email a token gift certificate…to a favorite restaurant, Bitesquad, hobby store, pet supplies store, or even Amazon.  My leader has periodically sent just these sorts of appreciations and they are wonderful.   It warms the soul and provides the opportunity for some self care.
  4. Cater in lunch.  Just choose a date and whoever can make it, makes it.  If your team works remote, it provides a great opportunity for in-person connections.  No agenda, no pressure, just see if folks can gather.
  5. Leave a surprise on the desk.  If your team comes to the office, purchase some fun token swag…We love getting that stuff at conferences, so why not provide a freebie.  Kind of like a "secret santa" kind of thing only you don't even have to sign your name.  How long might it take for your team to realize YOU did it?

I am sure more creative types can come up with other small, easy to orchestrate ideas that just give someone a momentary lift to their day.  For many of us, that sense of gratitude that comes from a symbol of heartfelt appreciation is the best holiday gift of all. The gift of happiness, even for a short time, can be just the spark to someone's day. And, you might just feel great doing it.